Alter Vú

Developer: Tom Miller

Based in Cambridge, England


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Alter Vú is a first person, point and click adventure that explores the concept that we all walk different paths.

We are the sum of our experiences. The term 'Alter Vú' refers to a person recalling a story differently. They are aware things are developing in a different way around them. Many believe that this type of feeling has to do with memories of other versions of ourselves, in parallel or alternate worlds.

How do we react when everything we've grown to believe, devolves into confusion, mystery, fear?

What's left of this world, is yours to explore.


- An homage to games long past where difficulty is high, choice has consequence and little is linear.

- A darker than average, point and click, mystery, horror, adventure game.

- A deep story with split paths, multiple endings which encourages you to interpret and decipher as you go.



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Download all images and trailer in a 41mb .zip HERE


by Leutia Grey - Beautiful ★★★★★
This one hit me hard. I was captivated. Graphics, fantastic and melancholic and homey and mysterious. Everything I look for. However, because I played on my iPhone, I didn't get the prompts that would easily lead me throughout. I had to find a walk through to understand what I had to do. I would never have gotten the number on the record, you can't see it by phone. But I loved it. Make more please.

by XRaYKaT - Dark and creepy ★★★★
Wow, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this app sooner. I read some reviews here about the controls being confusing but I've had no issue figuring out how to play. The artwork is amazing and the story is really interesting and curious. I really like the addition of the cards during gameplay, that is really unique! Great app!

by Dfhhthhgddgd - Version - 0.5 - Jun 24, 2015 ★★★★★
Haven't completed yet but thoroughly enjoying so far. A few quirks in the beginning but smooth gameplay since. Interesting storyline, moderately challenging, and uniquely scary- a rarity in the AppStore. Definitely recommend!

by Kjdev - Version - 1.2 - Aug 31, 2015 Wow, incredibly immersive game. ★★★★★
I give the app writer a lot of credit. The game has a really good look to it and is very interesting to explore.


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